Are You Struggling with Midlife & Menopausal Challenges?

Empower Your Midlife Journey with Adv. Somatic Healing, Shadow Work, Trauma Centered Neuro Coaching, Wellness, and Menopause Support.

Uncover the Healing Power of Our Somatic Sanctuary: A Deeply Nurturing Space Tailored for Women in Midlife and Menopause.

Guided by: Tamara Gold, Master Neuro Coach, AumaKhua-Ki® Grandmaster, Advanced Somatic – Trauma Coach Yoga Therapist, NMT, Master Trainer.

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Are You Struggling with Midlife Challenges?

Are you a woman in midlife or menopause feeling drained and dissatisfied with your physical body, struggling from  years of chronic stress, neglect and hormone imbalances?

Do health issues, stress, stubborn fat, and insomnia weigh heavily on your daily life?

Are you grappling with deep emotional turmoil from years of unresolved family or relationship dynamics, a dissatisfying marriage or financial insecurity, despite years of sacrifice for your family’s well-being?

Do you find yourself questioning your career path and longing for purpose-driven work that aligns with your values and passions?

My programs are tailored to empower women in midlife and menopause to navigate their unique healing journey with clarity and purpose.

We Experience Unique Physical and Emotional Challenges

Midlife for women is uniquely challenging and deeply misunderstood, from physical changes to emotional upheavals. Many women experience dissatisfaction with their bodies, hormone imbalances, and a myriad of health issues that impact their quality of life.

Menopausal women are the most underserved population in modern medicine. Stress, stubborn fat, insomnia and feeling downhearted, dissatisfied or disconnected add to the daily struggle, affecting overall well-being and happiness.

We Experience Financial Stress and Relationship Struggles

Years of prioritizing family needs often leave women in midlife financially vulnerable and emotionally drained. Unhealed generational family dynamics breed dissatisfying relationships and marriages, and for many women the fallout of unresolved traumas or betrayal can exacerbate these challenges, leading to a sense of powerlessness, fear of starting over, loss of confidence, and lack of fulfillment.

We Experience Unique Career Needs and Purpose Challenges

The midlife transition also prompts reflections on career paths and the search for more freedom, financial security and purpose-driven work. Many women in this phase find themselves yearning for meaningful vocations that resonate with their values and bring a sense of fulfillment.

” Tamara Gold works magic! She helped me to develop and transform my business dreams and aspirations into absolute reality and much more.”

💖Tamara is truly special! It has most certainly been a lot of hard work, but Tamara guides me with calculated and manageable tasks that quickly add up to big transformative leaps. The business that was only a wishful thought in my mind a year ago is already thriving and projecting multiple six-figures.

Before Tamara, I was burned out and could only see the mountain before me. I needed change. It was time to close my massage practice, and create and launch my signature program. She not only directs me to the best paths forward but also helps me to find and dissolve the boulders (my personal blocks) that hinder my progress. This is what makes Tamara extraordinary as a coach; she doesn’t just share so many phenomenal skills in personal alignment, business development, and promotion but she connects with each client on a very intimate and personal level.

Working with Tamara is not just a step-by-step personal vision quest and business-building endeavor, but rather a life-changing experience that builds confidence and inner knowing to help me navigate my unique path to fulfillment and joy. If you take the journey with Tamara, be prepared to work hard, be held accountable, and wake up realizing you are healing deeply and actually achieving your dreams. I highly encourage it!

Kim Kizzier Sherrodd

Founder of Applied Integrative Therapy, LLC

NBCAAM Board Member

The Path to Deep Healing & Transformation


I understand the complex layers of midlife challenges. My integrative and holistic approach combines neuroscience, advanced somatic and trauma centered healing, mindfulness, and personalized coaching to address physical, emotional, financial, and career well-being. Through shadow work, neuroscience, somatic strategies, and hormone-balancing practices, we guide women toward reclaiming their health, confidence, purpose, and sense of fulfillment.

Meet Tamara Gold,

B.S. Holistic Nutrition, Master Neuro Coach, AumaKhua-Ki® Grandmaster,

Women’s Advance Somatic – Trauma Centered Yoga Therapist, Certified Hormone & Menopause Coaching Specialist, NMT,
Mind-Body Training Expert & Mentor

Meet Tamara Gold: Your Guide to Whole-Being Transformation

Tamara Gold is not just a seasoned coach and mentor; she’s a catalyst for holistic transformation and empowerment. With over 38 years of experience as an integrative master practitioner and trauma-centered neuro coach, Tamara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in guiding women through profound shifts on every level of the mind, body, and spirit.

A Comprehensive Approach

Tamara is a multi-certified transformation, life, business, and advanced trauma-centered neuro coach, specializing in spirituality, advanced mindfulness, trauma recovery, relationships, education, wealth, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her extensive background includes 27 certifications in brain-based movement and bodywork, advanced somatic – trauma healing, BodyTalk, integrative pelvic therapy, neuromuscular therapies, energy healing, transformational coaching, and healing training systems, making her a true expert in her field.

Empowering Your Brilliance

Tamara’s journey began with a passion for unlocking healing potential in others. She has a unique ability to help women overcome chronic conditions, negative beliefs, unresolved traumas, and shadows, guiding them step-by-step to embrace their unique path and personal power fully. Her approach is holistic, non-conventional, deeply effective, and infused with transformational experiences that are both fun and impactful.

Experience and Impact

Tamara’s impact is felt in the lives of her clients, who leave her sessions feeling blown away, lighter, deeply nurtured, and empowered to harness their dreams. Through physical-energetic support, somatic and Neuro Coaching experiences, clients consistently report profound shifts that lead to lasting change. Working with Tamara is not just about healing; it’s about stepping into your fullest expression and highest potential.


Discover the Transformative Power of

Trauma Centered Neuro Coaching – Somatic Healing – Shadow Work

Now that you’ve met Tamara and learned about her journey and expertise, let’s delve deeper into the transformative power of somatic healing within my programs and how I can be of service to you. Here are a few of the key features that make my approach unique and effective for women in midlife and menopause:

Key Transformational Strategies:
  1. Personalized Trauma Centered Neuro Coaching: In my private coaching and program containers I provide one-on-one support tailored to your unique needs and goals. Through personalized sessions, you’ll receive guidance, accountability, and actionable steps unique to your needs for your unique healing journey.
  2. Somatic Healing Practices: Dive deep into root causes with somatic healing techniques that address complex and chronic physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances. These practices are designed to address the whole person. To release tension, trauma, and blockages, promoting holistic well-being and inner harmony.
  3. Mindfulness Techniques: I utilize the most cutting edge neuroscience research and finding in mindfulness practices to heal your nervous system, cultivate presence, reduce stress,  and enhance your overall well-being. These advanced Mindfulness strategies helps you connect with the present moment, manage emotions, build emotional intelligence, resilience, and cultivate a sense of calm and clarity in your daily life.
  4. Tailored Support: Receive personalized intuitive guidance and tools to navigate your unique challenges, heal past wounds, and embrace wholeness. My holistic approach considers your unique experiences and empowers you to integrate healing practices into your lifestyle for lasting transformation.

Every aspect of my programs are carefully designed to empower you in reclaiming your well-being and living a fulfilling life. Through personalized private coaching, group programs, somatic healing practices, mindfulness techniques, and tailored support, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.




Empowering Women In Midlife & Menopause


“If you feel doubtful, confused, or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

“This is not like ANY coaching experience you will ever have. Tamara really blew me away with her approach. I appreciated how she guided me through a complete realignment process back to my most empowered self and through the transitioning of my career from a toxic corporate 9-5, following my dream of moving to Florida and launching my own independent hair salon and art studio, even as I battled cancer.

She helped me recover fully from serve burnout. Address deep seated and unresolved anger from my past. Her somatic healing gave me the bandwidth and capacity to heal myself. The simple stress management and food healing protocols helped me to address my serious health issues, as well as, the birthing of my own business and discovery of my deepest passions. Her intuitive neuro-coaching process saved me years of guesswork, therapy, planning, tons of time and hundreds of dollars energy and resources.

Her unique process provided me with a customized roadmap to help me understand how I stand in my innate authority, resolve past trauma and limiting beliefs, overcome my fears, and simple ways to align my boundaries with my decisions and actions. I know where to focus my efforts to move forward to create a seamless transition. She worked with me to develop a clear sense of where I’m headed along with a distinct timeline. Yet, there we’re times just for integration and space. I was not overwhelmed and this was incredibly useful to determine what investments to make, where to focus my energy and effortlessly say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the opportunities that come my way.

Jolanda Donovan – Independent Business Owner & Artist

“I was burned out, over-giving, and feeling caged by my own business”

“Working with Tamara has been a transformative experience for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, personally and professionally. I came to her feeling deeply burned out. I was constantly over-giving, undercharging, and feeling caged by my own business, but Tamara’s holistic coaching approach has completely changed my perspective. I discovered unresolved trauma and family dynamics that were hindering my growth and confidence to succeed.

Tamara is more than just a coach, she is a multifaceted expert in her field – a coach, teacher, medical intuitive healer with a vast amount of healing knowledge, and a business mentor all rolled into one. She offers a unique level of care and coaching that no one in her field comes close to. Her intuitive shadow work process, precise self-care and integration steps have been a game-changer for me.

As a result of working with Tamara, I feel light, energized, and have just tripled my business with my most profitable month in my business, EVER! I achieved serious and sustainable growth in just 30-days. I highly recommend Tamara’s holistic style of coaching to anyone looking to transform their life, health and business.”

Helen Doulos, Owner – Raydiant Skin By Helen

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Well-Being? 

Your Journey to Transformation


When you join Tamara’s Somatic Sanctuary Membership or engage in the Bliss Body private coaching experience, you enter a safe, supportive sanctuary designed for women in midlife and menopause to heard and understood. Tamara’s sacred spaces facilitate deep healing and personal growth. Her dedication stems from her own journey of overcoming burnout, life altering trauma, and chronic pain, which deepened her understanding of the importance of healing your nervous system, discovering and integrating your shadows and addressing past traumas for full embodiment and purpose alignment.

My programs embody a fusion of transformative frameworks: the Phoenix Method, OVERRIDE, and LOV, each meticulously crafted from over 10,000 private sessions. These methodologies are rooted in advanced somatic healing, yoga psychology, and neuroscience principles, emphasizing the power of integration and intuition. True transformation blossoms when new knowledge seamlessly melds into our essence, guided by our innate intuition.

With a foundation in trauma-centered coaching and Network neuroscience, we tap into the profound potential of our intuitive capabilities to expedite healing. Brain studies illuminate that while it takes about seven days for new information to traverse the brain’s intricate structures, the full integration into the nervous system may take up to 21 days. Many struggle to internalize therapeutic teachings fully. My programs and neuroscience centered approach bridges this gap, fostering deep integration and lasting change.

The Phoenix Approach:

P: Presence: Cultivating presence and awareness through mindfulness practices, grounding techniques, and body awareness exercises.

H: Healing: Engaging in deep healing work through somatic therapy, depth shadow work, trauma-informed practices, energetic practices, and therapeutic movement and bodywork to address past wounds and emotional blockages.

O: Opening: Creating space for an emotional and energetic opening through yoga therapy, breath work, and movement practices that promote flexibility and release.

E: Exploration: Encouraging exploration of inner landscapes and unconscious patterns through shadow work, introspective practices, and journaling exercises.

N: Nourishment: Providing nourishment for the body, mind, and soul through self-care rituals, holistic nutrition, and key practices that promote healing, transformation, and overall well-being.

I: Intuitive Integration: Facilitating integration of insights, transformations, and healing experiences into daily life through integration practices, coaching, and support.

X: Transformation: Embracing transformation and empowerment as the result of the journey, leading to a renewed sense of self, purpose, and resilience.

The idea behind The Phoenix is that we often have to delve into the deeper crevices of our trauma and work to rise up from the ashes, fully realizing who we are. My mission is to guide women through this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, helping them to emerge stronger and more aligned with their true essence.

Join us on this transformative journey, where learning goes beyond mere understanding to deep integration, leading to profound growth and positive change in your life.

Work with Tamara Gold


Doors are open for my brand new Bliss Body: Midlife & Menopause Mastery & Mentorship Experience!

Welcome to a transformative journey tailored for soulful, high-impact midlife women ready to redefine their lives. This isn’t just another program—it’s an intimate mentorship, a mastermind, a mystery school, and most importantly, a deep personal incubator designed to help you master midlife and menopause.

We’re tackling the unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges of midlife in-depth. Using cutting-edge hormonal science, neuroscience, adv. somatic practices, and deep personal shadow work to create incredible breakthroughs and transformation, we’ll ensure that the next chapter of your life is your most badass and liberated yet.

VIP ILLUMINATRIX Coaching Program – a 3-month sacred container for your deepest personal and professional growth.

A VIP One-on-One Personal Mentorship with Tamara.  

Who is this for? This is for high-level, high-impact, Soul-led women who are ready to take your business and personal life to new heights in a way that’s authentic to you and 100% in alignment with your goals. 
What are the results? My private coaching/therapy clients have quit their soul sucking jobs/practices, moved to their dream home or state, reawakened and healed their marriages, healed their inner child, discovered who they really are, unearthed and healed core wounds/trauma where traditional therapy didn’t succeed, created their dream practice, or completely redefined their businesses (and life) to be Soul-led and to fully own and embody their feminine power and more in this accelerated 3-month coaching container.

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy and Meditation Master Healer & Teacher’s Mentorship

This is a transformative 12-month mentorship journey that will take you from your existing level of energy medicine knowledge to advanced mastery, preparing you to teach all levels of AK energy and meditation.


This is an application for a 1:1 comprehensive training with Grandmaster, Tamara Gold, in the advanced energetic system called: AumaKhua-Ki®. Your journey begins in AK foundations, advanced levels, master level then progresses to teacher levels 1-3, and master teacher levels 1-3, you will gain proficiency in conducting attunements, activating advanced energies, leading meditation practices, and working with advanced energy yantras/mantras.
By the end of this mentorship, you’ll have a Phd in energy medicine and healing plus the freedom and confidence to work in-person and remotely, teaching, sharing and attuning students to AK, solidifying your expertise and leadership in the realm of energy healing and meditation. Get ready to embark on a profound learning experience that will empower you to unlock your highest potential and share the transformative power of AumaKhua-Ki® with others.

Tamara Gold’s

Empowered Living Private Somatic Healing & Neuro Coaching Studio in Woodstock, Il. 

A deeply healing space created especially for women in midlife and menopause.

Want to work privately with Tamara and take the first step towards your transformative journey? Fill out the form below to connect with us and discover how my customized somatic healing programs for women in midlife and menopause can empower you to reclaim your vitality, heal from within, and embrace a life of wholeness and joy.

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