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Bliss Body: A Somatic Experience Igniting A Complete Rebirth in Midlife and Menopause


Make midlife your most badass chapter yet!

June’s Free Livestream Event in the Somatic Sanctuary For High-Impact Soul-led women ready to redefine their midlife and menopausal journey. 

Welcome To June’s Livestream Series All About Igniting A Rebirth in Midlife/Menopause Rebirth: This is Your Portal Into Power

Thank you for joining us for the Bliss Body Experience. I am on a mission to change the narrative of menopause and midlife and to help women reclaim their birthright of joy, vitality and sacred power as we age.

We hope these livestreams light a fire deep in your chakras and help you cross the threshold with ease and grace. Enjoy!




The Menopausal Mind: Proven Strategies for Mental & Emotional Liberation

Welcome to Day 1 of our transformational series, where we delve into the intricacies of the menopausal mind and provide proven strategies for mental and emotional liberation for the women in midlife/menopause. Today, we’ll explore how the koshas—layers of our being in yoga philosophy—can help us navigate the complexities of midlife and menopause. Specifically, we’ll focus on the Manomaya Kosha, the layer of the mind and the ways we can govern the challenges, moods, identity shifts, relationship changes, and concerns we face in through this unique journey.

  • Why Women Are at a Disadvantage in Our Medical Care System: Feeling dismissed or misunderstood everytime you talk with a healthcare professional? Learn how the healthcare system is undereducated or often overlooks women’s unique needs during menopause and discover powerful strategies to advocate for yourself effectively.

  • Understanding Cortisol: Let’s dive into a key hormone and the role of cortisol, the stress hormone, and understand how it affects your neurotransmitters and mood swings in midlife and peri/menopause. From snapping at your partner or carrying years of pent up anger and rage to sobbing over a commercial , we’ll decode these emotional rollercoasters.

  • The Heroine’s Journey: Move beyond the male-centric framework from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and embrace Maureen Murdock’s Heroine’s Journey, a transformative framework and narrative tailored just for women in midlife. Understand the significance of this journey as you navigate the complexities of midlife.

  • The Necessity of Shadow Work in Midlife: Introducing you to a psycho-spiritual framework I integrate with my shadow work programs, Carl Jung’s 7 Tasks of Midlife and learn why shadow work is crucial at this stage. Why shadow work helps you to emerge stronger and more resilient.

  • Reawakening Your Divine Feminine: Stop suppressing your divine feminine and true nature. Uncover strategies to dismantle internalized patriarchy, silence your inner critic, and combat ageism. This segment will empower you to embrace the natural feminine cycles of spiraling inward, to reclaim your voice and your space in a world that often tells you to shrink, suck it up, be seen not heard, and only values external beacons to success .

  • PLUS: Discover a Proven Path to Ignite Your Next Level of Fulfillment & Embodiment: Introducing my signature Illuminatrix Archetype, a revolutionary enhancement to the “Mother-Maiden-Crone” trilogy. Traditional archetypes like the goddess, empress, and queen often don’t resonate with the modern middle-aged woman. Embracing the Illuminatrix archetype– a soul-led woman, a phoenix rising from the ashes, embodying intuition, impact, and illumination guides you to unlock your truest nature. As an Illuminatrix, you’ll transcend traditional roles, embodying your true nature as a nurturer, wise women, spiritual guide, energy healer, and learn how to activate your true power and light.

🔥Livestream 1 Replay🔥


Reclaiming Your Physical Vitality: Yoga & Ayurvedic Protocols for Menopause

Welcome to Livestream 2, where we focus on reclaiming your physical vitality through the lens of the is Annamaya Kosha, which is the physical layer or “food body”. It’s the outermost layer and is made up of the densest part of our existence, including our bones, muscles, organs, skin, connective tissue, and fat. Annamaya Kosha is also linked to our senses, ego, and interactions with the world around us.  This session will arm you with practical somatic and Ayurvedic protocols to navigate midlife/menopause with confidence and ease.

Key Talking Points:

  • Menopause Hierarchy of Needs: The keys to designing your personal hormonal protocol and effectively partner with your wellness team. Regain control over your symptoms, from fatigue, brain fog, sleep issues to hot flashes, and create a plan that works specifically for you.

  • Dosha Deficiencies and Ayurveda: Identify your unique dosha imbalances and tailor Ayurvedic practices to your specific needs. Food healing and simple lifestyle changes that can balance your body and mind in midlife and menopause.

  • Reviving Your Sex Drive: Take the shame out of pleasure. Learn how womb and pelvic somatic bodywork assist in deeper levels of healing and hormonal balancing. Address low libido by understanding the physical and emotional factors involved. Understand a woman’s nervous system ends in the cervix and why somatic pelvic bodywork work is key to reconnecting with your body and desire, reigniting your sensuality.

🔥Livestream 2 Replay🔥



Making Meaning & Disrupting the Beauty Myth: Spirituality & Legacy in Midlife

Welcome to Day 3, where we explore the Vijnanamaya Kosha, the layer of wisdom and discernment. Today, we’ll uncover the deeper spiritual aspects of midlife and menopause, empowering you to make meaning and disrupt the beauty myth.

Key Talking Points:

  • Dismantling Internalized Patriarchy: Challenge ageist beauty standards and embrace pro-aging. Learn how to stand for vibrant aging, reject societal norms, and live authentically.

  • Legacy Vision: Craft your legacy by identifying unmet needs and deepest desires. Realign your life with purpose and create a lasting impact.

  • Neuroscience of Spirituality and the Female Brain: Unlock the pleasure centers of your brain and discover how women are uniquely wired for intuitive and creative problem-solving. Learn to embody your innate wisdom and imagination for rapid problem-solving and mood control. Delve into adv. neuroscience-based mindfulness, energy medicine, mastering key strategies for energetic balancing, and harnessing the power of yantras and mantras to calm and regulate your nervous system, expanding your consciousness. Tap into your vital life force and potential.

Livestream coming June 17th. 🔥


Activating Your Inner Bliss: Integrating the Koshas and Shadow Work for Total Transformation

Welcome to Livestream 4, our final session, where we integrate the koshas and shadow work to achieve total transformation. Today, we focus on the Anandamaya Kosha, the bliss body, to help you rebirth your highest potential, activate your inner bliss, and embody your Illuminatrix Archetype.

Key Talking Points:

  • Understanding the Koshas: Break down the five layers: Physical, energetic, mental, wisdom, and bliss bodies. Learn how each layer affects your overall well-being and transformation.

  • Energy Healing Techniques: Discover practical tools and techniques to balance and harmonize your energetic system to reset your nervous system. Why energy-based meditations are most effective in expanding your creativity, help to keep you sharp, activate your mind, and expand unique intuitive gifts. How to implement daily mindfulness practices to maintain peak performance, and hormonal health, heal your somatic nervous system to expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive and hold more health, wealth, and happiness in life.

  • Shadow Work: How to access your human design and heal unconscious patterns of limitation. How to use energy work to heal your shadow and address hidden parts of yourself. Use shadow work to heal old wounds, uncover strengths, and transform your life.

  • Transforming Midlife & Menopause Into a Vision Quest and Personal Spiritual Journey: Dive deeper into the path of the Illuminatrix Archetype, a soul-led woman, a phoenix rising from the ashes, alchemizing her life lessons into her next quest with intuition, impact, and illumination. As an Illuminatrix, you’ll transcend traditional roles, unlocking your nature as a natural spiritual guide, energy healer, and nurturer, stepping into your true power and light.

    Harness your unique human design to cultivate cohesive relationships, vision, life path, and purpose in midlife. As you step into the Illuminatrix Archetype, prepare to embark on a journey that transcends traditional roles and propels you toward becoming a master over your mind, energy, and emotions equipping you with the skills to balance energy, heal yourself and others, and reach your highest levels of vitality. 

Livestream coming June 26th. 🔥


Bliss Body: A Somatic Experience Igniting A Rebirth In Midlife & Menopause

with Tamara Gold, Grandmaster, Adv. Somatic – Trauma Yoga Therapist, Master Neuro Coach, Women’s Hormone & Menopause Specialist.

Doors are open for my brand new Bliss Body: Midlife & Menopause Mastery & Mentorship Experience!

Welcome, fierce warrior sisters of midlife and menopause, to a journey that transcends ordinary programs. This isn’t just another course. This is an intimate mentorship—it’s your cosmic playground, your sanctuary of growth, and your sacred space for unleashing your true power.

We’re diving deep into the unique challenges of midlife, armed with cutting-edge neuroscience, somatic practices, and mind-expanding shadow work. It’s time to rewrite the script of midlife and embrace your most badass and liberated self. Are you ready to live the life you dream of? Let’s dive in and create magic together.

MODULE 1: BODY Bored of the endless fitness confusion? Dive into a realm of holistic wellness curated just for cosmic queens like you. We’re talking Ayurvedic magic, integrative fascial care, and a Menopause Shred & Shadow Work program that’ll make you glow from within. Say hello to a vegan meal plan that battles menopausal symptoms like a superhero, and get ready to balance those key hormones like the goddess you are. Plus, unlock the secrets of a custom sleep protocol with mindfulness strategies that’ll have you waking up feeling refreshed and radiant.

MODULE 2: MIND Harness the potent forces of Neuroscience-based Mindfulness, Dynamic Energy Meditation, and Yoga Psychology to redefine your menopausal journey. Dive deep into Shadow Work and equip yourself with practical spiritual and lifestyle tools to effectively overcome anxiety, depression, brain fog, and overwhelm.

MODULE 3: EMOTION Ready to heal those deep-seated relationship traumas, redefine your boundaries and your emotional landscape? Embrace the transformative Heroine’s Journey—a vital narrative for navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of this life stage. Dive into midlife psychology, reshape your identity, and achieve a new baseline for nervous system regulation, mental clarity, and emotional liberation.

MODULE 4: ENERGYEmbark on a journey of deep nervous system healing and comprehensive neuroscience strategies to rapidly rest and reset. Embody your divine feminine power – “Woman Power” – by embracing your sensuality and sexuality in midlife. Initiate into advanced energetic practices and activations to harness a higher frequency and state of being, transforming your energy and vitality.

MODULE 5: SPIRITDiscover your unique human design and dharma to redefine yourself in midlife. Develop your spiritual autobiography, heal core wounds and past traumas, and deepen your midlife purpose and legacy. Uncover hidden generational familial patterns and traumas that shape your behaviors and beliefs, allowing you to break free from limiting influences and step into your most authentic self. Embrace this profound journey to create a lasting impact on your life and those around you.

MODULE 6: EMBODIMENT OF YOUR ILLUMINATRIX ARCHETYPE Step into the revolutionary Illuminatrix Archetype—an enhancement to the “Mother-Maiden-Crone” trilogy. Embrace your role as a soul-led woman, a phoenix rising from the ashes, embodying intuition, impact, and illumination.

Program Experience Overview:

Throughout this immersive six-month journey, you’ll engage in:

  • Six (6) 90-minute Training Sessions with Tamara Gold
  • Six (6) 60-minute Sacred Ceremonies
  • Six (6) 60-minute Monthly Advanced Energy Activations, including Q&A, Live Hot Seat Shadow Work Coaching Sessions, and comprehensive support for all aspects of midlife and menopause.

We kickstart and conclude with sacred rituals—

  • a potent Opening Fire Ceremony to set intentions
  • a Closing “Crossing the Threshold” Ceremony to celebrate your transformation.

Fast Action Bonus: Join by June 30th and secure your spot now to gain access to three intimate immersion workshops:

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution & Core Wound Workshop
  • Father/Mother Wound/Inner Child Workshop
  • Healing Trauma Bonds & Toxic Relationship Wounds Workshop: Recovering from the trauma of divorce, infidelity, abuse, and addictions.

This transformative journey is designed for modern, middle-aged women who are ready to transcend inadequate menopausal and midlife care. Refuse to be boxed in by outdated archetypes and embrace the Illuminatrix within. Ready to illuminate your midlife journey? Share your excitement in the comments, and let’s embark on this transformational journey together.


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